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Linz - Tourism
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Boredom is Out

There is no chance of boredom in a vibrant city like Linz. Here there is something for everyone.

link to image: (new window): Cafe at the Main Square

Linz goes out

Inviting and elegant sidewalk cafés, beer gardens under shady trees, taverns with gardens for tasting new wine – Linz has the right offer for every taste.

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Linz eats well

Gastronomy in Linz is diverse. The palette ranges from regional plain fare to international cuisine all the way to gourmet restaurants. And even on a Sunday, guests do not find themselves in front of closed doors in Linz.

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Linzer Torte

What would a visit to Linz be without the famous Linzer Torte? It is a classic that was already mentioned by name as early as 1653. Well known far beyond the borders of the city and the country, for many it is a sweet reminder of Linz.

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link to image: (new window): Bicycle Tourism Along the Danube

Bicycle Tourism Along the Danube

The international Danube bicycle path leads from Germany through Austria all the way to Hungary. Linz~Danube is an attractive stopover for bicycle tourists on their journey along the banks of the second longest river in Europe.

Photo: City of Linz
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link to image: (new window): Linz Ice Skating Rink

Linz Ice Skating Rink

Bathing suit and ice skates are not necessarily a contradiction in Linz. The immediate vicinity of the Linz ice skating rink and the Parkbad public swimming pool make it possible.

Photo: City of Linz
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Linz Ice Skating Rink Panorama

With an ice surface of 60x30 meters, the ice skating rink of the Linz AG is ideally equipped for ice hockey, figure skating and naturally for ice skating "just for fun". Outdoor skating rinks are available in winter at the Parkbad swimming pool, in Ebelsberg and in Schörgenhub.

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link to image: (new window): Sports Center on the Gugl

Sports Center on the Gugl

The close connection between the stadium and the sports hall on the "Gugl", a hilltop in Linz, forms the ideal infrastructure for sports events of an international magnitude, such as the Intersport Gugl Meeting or Generali Ladies Linz.

Photo: City of Linz
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link to image: (new window): Linz Marathon

Linz runs

The highlight of the running season in Linz is undoubtedly the OMV Linz Marathon, an event with an international format and a huge celebration for Linz. Other running events are the international Three Bridges Run, the Women’s Race at the lake Pichlingersee, the Pöstlingberg Race, the Gis Race, the Linz City Race and the New Year’s Eve Race.

Photo: City of Linz
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link to image: (new window): Landstraße - shopping street


The Landstraße is the main artery of Linz. It features a diverse selection of shops and products. Next to the Mariahilferstraße in Vienna, the Landstrasse in Linz has the highest turnover of any shopping street in Austria.

Photo: City of Linz
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Linz is one of the greenest cities in Austria. 52 public parks and greens contribute to this. Whether they are wild and romantic, left to grow naturally or elegantly arranged, they offer and experience of pure nature. The people of Linz are highly appreciative of the urban public parks, such as the Volksgarten or the Stadtpark. Their location in the heart of the city and the individual design make them something truly special.

Photo: City of Linz
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Botanical Garden

The Linz bus no. 27 drives straight into the "tropical rain forest" of the greenhouses of the Botanical Garden. Orchids, cactuses, insect-catching plants, coffee bushes and waterlilies thrive here, even in the cold months of the year. In the spring the open area of nearly 10 acres blossoms with over 8,000 different types of plants.

Photo: City of Linz
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link to image: (new window): Linz Swimming Pools

Linz Swimming Pools

"Water rats" are well cared for in Linz: they have a choice between five public indoor swimming pools, four outdoor pools, seven children’s pools, a training center on the hilltop "Gugl", and three lakes for swimming. With wading pools for little ones, swimming lesson pools for bigger kids, quiet swimming pools for those who prefer peace and quiet, and slides, waves and diving pools for those seeking adventure – there is something for everyone at these leisure centers.

Photo: Linz AG
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link to image: (new window): Pleschinger-Lake


With over 120 acres of water surface, the Linz lakes for swimming (Lake Pichling, Lake Plesching, and the Small Weikerl Lake) offer recreation and relaxation in a natural environment at no charge. All around the swimming area there are also attractive leisure activities for every age group, and restaurants and buffets offer nourishment and treats.

Photo: Linz AG
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