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Goals and Objectives

  • Maintaining full-time employment
  • A symbiosis of residential, recreational and employment areas and ensuring local businesses
  • Locating businesses that provide local services and businesses with many employees/jobs near residential areas
  • Improving the working environment by providing green spaces and designing attractive and appealing buildings and landscape
  • Taking into account development trends that combine working at the office and at home (“Telecommuting”)
  • Maintaining the positive assessment of business locations in Linz and the balanced combination of business size and economic classes
  • Maintaining the infrastructure location advantages
  • Orientation to emphases on application and implementation, taking into consideration branch-related and regional structural needs
  • Implementation of various business services and activities to strengthen contacts with businesses and investors seeking information
  • Securing and expanding tourist programs and constructive developments in tourism


Business Service of the City of Linz
Neues Rathaus
Hauptstraße 1-5
4041  Linz

phone: +43 732 7070

further information: