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Events in Linz

Linz offers a wide range of cultural events and locations. The events are especially remarkable for being unique, innovative and varied. The international street art festival Pflasterspektakel, the Ars Electronica Festival and the Linzer Klangwolke (Cloud of Sound) are internationally known examples of the vibrant festival culture in Upper Austria’s capital and a cultural benchmark for the city.


The online calendar LinzTermine (German only) offers an up-to-date summary of cultural events, exhibitions, an entertainment programme, etc. in Linz.

Technology meets Society!

Multidisciplinarity and open encounter of international art and science experts with an inter-ested and broad audience characterizes the internationally renowned Ars Electronica festival which takes place since 1979. It is dedicated to artistic and scientific discussion of social and cultural phenomena originating from technological change and organises symposia, exhibitions, performances and events.

Creative, spontaneous and vibrant!

For over 25 years, the Pflasterspektakel Linz has been the meeting point for street artists from all around the world and has become one of Europe′s biggest and most successful street art festivals. During three days in July, the city centre of Linz is the venue of international street art with great sophistication, including object and improvisational theatre, music of all kinds, dance, circus and tightrope artistry, fire shows, clownery and comedic performance art. The Pflasterspektakel is well known among artists and the audience for its unique and cosy atmosphere spreading out in the centre of Linz.

Open-air Concert Stage

Laser and light effects rush over the reflecting surface of the water in the Danube Park and a sophisticated system provides the perfect sound. The Visualized Cloud of Sound in early September stages spectacular open air shows focussing on vision and sound in public space. The Children's Cloud of Sound offers the young audience a stage to participate – a highlight for children. Classical music fans can join the live broadcast of the Bruckner festival opening concert during the Classical Cloud of Sound in the Danube Park.


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