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Festivals in Linz

Ahoi! Pop. Contemporary Music at the Harbour (German only)
Linz has been an important focal point of new music trends for decades and is a fertile ground for new styles of music. Contemporary genres such as Rock, Hardcore, Indie Pop, Hip Hop and Electro have always been put to the test, reflected and reinterpreted in Linz. Since autumn 2011, the event centre Posthof salutes its visitors with Ahoi! Pop. At the one week festival, the most diverse contemporary music genres drop the anchor in the Posthof. This music festival considers itself to be an exciting local urban music provider. True to the motto "There has to be something!", the festival offers the audience a selection of the most intriguing and important artists from different genres.

Ars Electronica Festival 
Multidisciplinarity and open encounter of international art and science experts with an inter-ested and broad audience characterizes the internationally renowned Ars Electronica Festival. The festival, which has taken place since 1979 and is co-organized by the Austrian Broadcasting Company's Upper Austria Regional Studio, is dedicated to artistic and scientific discussion of social and cultural phenomena originating from technological change. The programme comprises symposia, exhibitions, performances and events.

Black Humour Festival (German only)
The Black Humour Festival organizers have long racked their brains to come up with a programme to commemorate the festival's 10th anniversary in a fitting manner, discussing who has had a significant influence on the event in the past ten years and who has contributed to the most spectacular evenings. The Posthof also put together an attractive programme for 2012. Please visit the website of Posthof for further details.

Brass Festival Linz 
It can happen anywhere: on main square, in the side street Spittelwiese, in Schiller Park, in the Josef pub, in the Brucknerhaus or in the Posthof, during the day, in the afternoon or late in the evening. True to the motto “Just listen to that!”, the Brass Festival Linz presents music ranging from small brass ensembles to large brass bands and from brass competitions to the crazy “brass birds” exhibition in Brucknerhaus. For three days, everything in Linz revolves around the theme of brass.

Bruckner Festival Linz 
With the opening of the Brucknerhaus in 1974, a music festival was established which now goes way beyond the heritage of Anton Bruckner. Orchestra concerts, recitals, chamber music, dance theatre, organ concerts, concert operas: Linz welcomes the international world of music to the annual three-week Brucker Festival. This event, traditionally opened by the Classical Cloud of Sound, is the magnificent closing of the festival season each year.

CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz 
The CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz, organized for the first time in May 2004, is a forum for the diversity of European cinematography, providing a platform especially for young innovative directors beyond mainstream cinema. Central features of the festival are a European competition, to which only first and second feature films are admitted, as well as a panorama, solo presentations, a local artists series and specials.

Festival 4020. More Than Music. (German only) 
The Festival 4020, initiated in March 2001, presents an abundance of young composers, musicians and ensembles in venues distributed throughout the city. With virtuosity, dedication and a joy in music, the musicians create a panorama of the most diverse folk and concert music of the present and the past: a capella, in concert or electronically – and wholly devoted to aural pleasure.

Festival for Children's Rights – Kids’ Parade (German only)
The “Festival for Children's Rights” is intended to be a forum for children's rights and an open platform especially for children and young people. The Kids' Parade realizes this symbolically and ideally: as a festival designed for children, where they can claim their right to artistic and cultural activity, to a child-friendly living environment and, not least, to the freedom of speech and assembly.

Festival of the Regions
The Festival of the Regions is one of the largest contemporary culture festivals in Austria. Organized for the first time in 1993, it takes place biennially in decentralized locations in Austria. At the nexus of art and everyday life, the projects involve the local inhabitants in the exploration of social, political and artistic issues. The Festival of the Regions conjoins contemporary cultural work and art forms with local traditions, histories and idiosyncrasies outside the urban centres.   

Flipt! Flip Book Festival
The Austrian Flip Book Festival was launched by Reinhold Bidner and Christian Korherr in 2005. Since then, four festivals have taken place (2005, 2007, 2010 and 2011) and along the years hundreds of flip-books were submitted. The festival has cooperated with other institutions such as the international studio house Atelierhaus Salzamt and the well-established Crossing Europe Film Festival since 2011.

Children's Film Festival (Linz - German only) 
The International Children's Film Festival is organized by the children's organization Kinderfreunde Upper Austria and takes place in Linz. Dreams, aspirations, adventures and children's pranks can all be savoured on the big silverscreen. Children's films aim to tell children something about the world around them, to capture their imagination and to entertain them on a higher level. All films are shown in their original version to impart the children other countries and cultures via language and sounds. The films are dubbed live by an actor, hence the German text is presented orally. The live dubbing turns the visit to the cinema into a special experience, an experience to see, to hear and to marvel at.

Long Night of the Stages (German only)
At the annual theatre marathon in Linz, thirty venues present performances past midnight on renowned stages such as the State Theatre and Phönix Theatre as well as in libraries, bank foyers, cultural associations and in a blazing red double decker bus which offers the opportunity to combine a scenic reading with a city trip. The Long Night of the Stages primarily wants to offer a low-threshold access to culture events. Therefore, many events include short guided tours and information programmes.

Linz Cloud of Sound 
Since Bruckner’s 8th Symphony, performed by the Concertgebouw Amsterdam Orchestra and conducted by Bernard Haitink, was broadcast in the Danube Park in 1979, over two million visitors have been coming to see the Klangwolke (Cloud of Sound) in the Danube Park.
There are three Clouds of Sound that take place every year: the Visualized Cloud of Sound, that is redesigned every year with music, light, laser and fireworks, the Children's Cloud of Sound especially for young visitors and the Classical Cloud of Sound, the broadcasting of the opening concert of the Bruckner Festival on a screen in the Danube Park in cooperation with the Austrian Broadcasting Company's Upper Austria Studio (ORF OÖ).

LinzFest (German only)
For over two decades, the LINZFEST has launched the cultural open air summer in Linz, which has become a successful cultural festival offering music, literature, dance, cabaret and children's programme. It is organized by the Department of Culture of the City of Linz. This festival, which takes place in the Danube Park between Lentos Art Museum and Brucknerhaus, offers an extensive programme to a broad audience with free admission. Cooperation projects with other cultural institutions of Linz and representatives of the independent art scene are an important element of the programme.

Linz Cabaret Festival (German only)
For 28 years, the annual Linz Cabaret Festival has presented the creme de la creme of the Austrian cabaret scene during one month from 2 to 30 November at the event centre Posthof.

Linz Dance Days (German only)
The Linz Dance Days, a series of events with festival atmosphere organized by Posthof, give an overview of contemporary dance forms. In addition to a large number of dance events, various workshops provide additional opportunities to experience dance as an art form in a refreshing way.

Linz International Pflasterspektakel 
For over 25 years, the Pflasterspektakel Linz has been the meeting point for street artists from all around the world and has become one of Europe`s biggest and most successful street art festivals. During three days in July, the city centre of Linz becomes the venue of international street art with great sophistication, including object and improvisational theatre, music of all kinds, dance, circus and tightrope artistry, fire shows, clownery and comedic performance art. The Pflasterspektakel is well known among artists and the audience for its unique and cosy atmosphere spreading out in the centre of Linz.

Music Pavilion (German only)
The Music Pavilion in the Danube Park enjoys tremendous popularity among pop, jazz and brass music enthusiasts. Especially young and up-and-coming talents from Linz and Upper Austria have the opportunity to prove their abilities during the Cultural Summer in the Music Pavilion. In June, July and August, concerts are held from Thursday to Sunday with free admission.

Musica Sacra (German only) 
Music in the churches of Linz: concert series with sacred music in the Old Cathedral and the New Cathedral, the Church of the Minorites, the Ursuline Church, St. Martin’s Church, the City Parish Church, the Seminary Church and the Pöstlingberg Church. The programmes are oriented towards the dignity of the spaces and span several centuries of European music up to the present.

NEXTCOMIC (German only)
The Capital of Culture year 2009 paved the way for the first NEXTCOMIC festival in the same year. The positive response at international level and by artists and visitors encouraged the initiator Gottfried Gusenbauer and his team to further develop the event. Today, NEXTCOMIC is an important platform for comics and picture literature and is unique in Austria. It shows the relation between comics and fine art, character design architecture, film and animation.

Poetry Festival – Poetry Days  – For Flexibility  (German only) 
The biennial festival revolves around current issues of poetry. The term “poetry” is understood (in the sense of the original meaning of poiesis = the creaturely process of “producing” and “conveying”) in an interdisciplinary sense, presenting readings, lectures, New Music performances and an exhibition. The “Poetry Days” programme is grouped into themes. The festival is organized by the artists association MAERZ in cooperation with the Stifter House and has already taken place in both of these locations as well as in other places (HMH factory hall, Botanical Garden).

SCHÄXPIR – International Theatre Festival Upper Austria 
The international theatre festival SCHÄXPIR provides a platform for innovative and courageous theatre for young and young at heart. New, innovative and groundbreaking strategies and variations are what the programme is all about. The festival remains true to the principle of putting on sophisticated and highbrow productions.

Serenades in the Arcade Courtyard of the Provincial Government (German only) (new window)
They have the longest tradition in the Brucknerhaus summer programme: the serenades in the historical arcade courtyard of the seat of the provincial government in Linz. In July and August, a selected classical music programme by (inter)national ensembles awaits enthusiastic visitors on nine Tuesday evenings.

sicht:wechsel (German only) 
Under the title sicht:wechsel (view:change), a major international cultural festival was initiated in Linz in 2007, presenting art and aesthetics from persons with disablities to a broad audience, thus bringing them into the center of society where they are given the attention and respect they deserve and are entitled to. The scene that is otherwise less visible comes into the limelight with theatre, music and art.

Summer in the Rose Garden 
The beautiful location high above the rooftops of Linz is regarded as one of the most attractive summer venues in the city, where one enjoys a magnificent view. The 3000 square metre space was first transformed into a venue with a stage for the purpose of the “culture tent” in 1999. Since then, it has offered every year a diverse theatre, music and cabaret programme from June to August.

STOP.SPOT  (German only)
The Stop.Spot Festival is organized every year by the cultural association “corridor” in cooperation with the O.K, the Upper Austrian Open House of Culture. It considers itself a place of reflection of different contemporary music cultures. Based on live discussions, concerts and presentations, the area is gradually taking shape.

Austrian Theatre Sports Championship (German only)
Every year, the creme de la creme of national improvisational theatre actors get ready to rumble and converge for a reunion at Posthof to brighten up the day of their fans. The absurd ideas of the united theatre sports elite and how it puts it into practice as well as its addiction to acting stand against all odds and makes the ausdience sustainable happy.

Triennale Linz (German only)
The first TRIENNALE LINZ 1.0 took place in 2010 and launched a type of exhibiting fine art never seen before in Austria. O.K, the Upper Austrian Open House of Culture, Lentos Art Museum and the State Gallery Linz cooperated to present a representative cross section of the current national art scene, and Linz, the European Capital of Culture 2009, once again took centre stage at the contemporary Austrian art world. The next Triennale will presumably be in 2013.


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