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Festivals in Upper Austria

Salzkammergutfestwochen Gmunden (German only)
During the summer, the Salzkammergut Festival in Gmunden offers its audience an opulent programme of musical finesse and literary brilliance ranging from the classical and romantic eras to modernism and contemporary art. In this diversity of styles, Upper Austria’s largest summer festival is part of a long tradition of conjoining time, art and location. Some of the festival locations: Gmunden, Altmünster, Ebensee, Mondsee, Ohlsdorf and Traunkirchen.

Attergauer Cultural Summer (German only)
This festival, the cultural highlight in the Attergau cultural region, offers its summer guests a high-quality aesthetic pleasure in an exclusive atmosphere. This event series was initiated already 23 years ago. Since then, it has attracted countless guests and the local population. From mid-July to the end of August, members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, international soloists from the Salzburg Festival and many other musicians present a sophisticated programme in the elegant surroundings of the Kogl Castle, the parish churches of St. Georgen and Vöcklamarkt and the Attergau Hall.

Attersee Klassik (German only)
The Attersee Classical Music Festival, which takes place in July and August, sees itself as the rural echo of the Salzburg Festival. Conductors such as Mariss Jansons or Riccardo Muti, singers like Barbara Bonney or Thomas Hampson and jazz musicians like Bobby McFerrin are among the regular guests, but the festival also presents Austrian authors and young artists soon to be considered world class. The events take place in the new Cultural Centre Lenzing, in the Berghof Castle in Unterach, in the historical churches around the lake Attersee and in the historical Narzbergergut on the hill Kronberg.

Bad Hall Operetta Festival and Music Festival (German only)
The more than 100 year-old theatre in the spa town Bad Hall is the vibrant centre of local cultural life. Every year, the operetta festival, which takes place from June to August, and the musical festival in October and November attract many visitors.

Clam Castle Concerts (German only)
During the summer, the big area at the foot of Clam Castle, the so-called Meierhofwiese, is the venue of open air events.
The area has place for up to 10,000 people who can enjoy the performances of music stars in a unique atmosphere as well as the culinary treats at the castle tavern.

Music Summer Bad Schallerbach (German only)
The Music Summer actually takes place all year round. Numerous poetry readings, chamber music and orchestra concerts, etc. are performed.

donauFESTWOCHEN in the Strudengau  (German only)
The connection and the right combination of passion for baroque music rarities in historical performances with enthusiasm, engagement and faith in the potential of the Strudengau region (Danube valley between Grein in Upper Austria and Ybbs in Lower Austria) resulted in the festival donauFESTWOCHEN in 1995. It arose from the collaboration between interested young artists, regional cultural associations and the communities. The high point and heart of the festival is the opera production every year in Greinburg Castle.

inn4tlersommer (German only)
The cultural life in the municipalities Aspach, Reichersberg, Ried and Schärding, all located in the Innviertel region in Upper Austria, was based on a new platform in 2011 and a network was created to combine the diverse programmes.

The establishment of the Innviertler Summer, written „Inn4tler Sommer“ in German, was inspired by the varied cultural programme the Innviertel has to offer, by the four municipalities with their remarkable landscapes as well as by the characteristics of the cultural region Innviertel.

The German word „vier“, as in „Inn-vier-tel“ stands for the number 4 which plays a special role: the „Inn4tler Summer“ is a connection of 4 festival locations and focuses on the genres music, theatre and art. Besides that, the „Inn4tler Summer“ refers to the magical number 4 which stands for completeness (4 cardinal directions, 4/4 time in music, 4 quarter glasses of wine, etc.), emphasising once again its significance as cultural highlight. 

Festival of the Regions 
The Festival of the Regions is one of the largest contemporary culture festivals in Austria. Organized for the first time in 1993, it takes place biennially in decentralized locations in Austria. At the nexus of art and everyday life, the projects involve the local inhabitants in the exploration of social, political and artistic issues. The Festival of the Regions conjoins contemporary cultural work and art forms with local traditions, histories and idiosyncrasies outside the urban centres.   

Sunnseitn (sunny side) is an association that carries out cultural development work. It deals with essential content like cultural self-responsibility, the democratization of content, the development of concepts for deceleration, promoting local potential for creativity and interdisciplinary works, just to mention a few.
Sunnseitn is a project of permanent further development. The dance festival “Dance of the Cultures” is a wonderful replacement for the “war of the cultures”. Artists, folk musicians, DJs and dancers from the most diverse European and African countries take part.

Festival of the New Heimatfilm (German only)
What is essential to this event is setting a counterpoint to the primarily urban medium cinema by presenting so-called Heimatfilme, homeland films in the regional setting of Austria, which do not attract a large audience in conventional cinema operations due to the fact that they thematise rural life and due to their style. Originally, the intention was to liberate the term “Heimatfilm” from its cliches, which has already succeeded at least in the region of Freistadt where 20 to 25 programmes are presented every year (feature films, documentaries, short films).

Kaleidophone Ulrichsberg
The Kaleidophone Ulrichsberg is an international music festival that has taken place every year in April/May since 1986. It is organized by the cultural association Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg. The content of the Kaleidophone is contemporary music from such diverse areas as jazz, rock, improvisation, composition, with and without electronics, loud and quiet, bombastic and reductive.

Lehar Festival Bad Ischl
The Lehar Festival Bad Ischl was founded in 1961 under the name “International Society – The Operetta”. There was no place more appropriate than Bad Ischl, where representatives of the Golden and Silver Operetta had their summer residences, to provide operetta with a home. This was all the more so since Franz Lehar wrote his major world successes there and was named an honorary citizen of the city. It was in his honor that the Society set itself the task of performing his works in Bad Ischl.

Music Days Mondsee (German only)
The Music Days Mondsee (Musiktage Mondse) is a chamber music festival that combines music with literature. It takes place every year in September in the Mondsee Castle. The team of the Music Days Mondsee especially strives to maintain the high artistic quality and the international character of the festival, and to create a harmonious atmosphere in order to provide the audience with extraordinary events.

Music Unlimited (German only)
The music unlimited festival, which has taken place every year in November since 1987, enjoys an excellent international reputation as a presentation forum for new projects from jazz and avant-garde all the way to connections with current forms of music (rock, hip hop). The festival is organized by the cultural association Waschaecht Wels.

Music Summer Klaus  (German only)
The Music Summer Klaus, with its traditional concerts in the early baroque Mountain Church of Klaus, takes place every year in August. Great artists guarantee interesting and unusual concert evenings. The first cooperation with Kremsegg Castle in Kremsmünster and the Kirchdorf State Music School located in Neupernstein Castle was realized in 2004. There are magnificent concert halls in both castles, and this was also the first step in realizing the long harboured wish for a cultural road connecting the Krems and the Steyr Valley.

Music Festival Steyr
The Music Festival Steyr (from mid-August to mid-September) resulted from the ambitious idea of promoting young talents and up-and-coming artists, at the same time giving special attention to developing independent productions. Thanks to its historical ambient and diverse venues, the city of Steyr provides the ideal framework for manifold activities.

Upper Austrian Monastery Concerts (German only)
The programme includes symphonic and chamber music, solo and choir concerts and recitals in the most magnificent baroque halls of Upper Austrian monasteries. Music from five centuries, played by internationally acclaimed performers and renowned ensembles. Space and music are conjoined into a unique atmosphere. The successful summer music festival has been hosted for over thirty years from June to August in the monasteries of St. Florian, Kremsmünster, Enns-Lorch and Lambach.

Kulturvermerke - Upper Austrian Culture Comments Gmunden (German only)
The Upper Austrian Culture Comments (Kulturvermerke) have already taken place for over ten years, and for several years in Gmunden. The event is not a self-absorbed, backward-looking adherence to traditional and regional life worlds, but presents rather innovative, future oriented projects that set accents in the region. Cultural workers pursue the annual conference themes in philosophical lectures, literary critiques, specially created compositions and poetry.

Summer Festival Grein (German only)
One of the most outstanding landmarks of European significance is the Historical City Theatre Grein. In 1791, the citizens of Grein established a theatre in the former grain silo of the city hall, and since then, it has been a venue for performances. Today the City Theatre is regarded as a jewel that many visitors from near and far come to see. Performances are given in July and August by professional actors of the Summer Festival Grein and in Fall by the Grein Amateur Society.

TheaterSpectacel Wilhering (German only)
Theatre in July which takes place in the barn of the farm in which the former administrator of Wilhering Monastery lived. The TheaterSpectacel presents new productions adapted to the present, using contemporary costumes and music. It attempts to interpret classical comedies into today and to combine sophistication with entertainment. Cast with professionals in all artistic fields, cooperation with composers, visual artists, musicians, stage and costume designers. Close cooperation since 1996 with “Opera da Camera”.


Youki is a vibrant place of communication, a celebration to make young media culture more popular. In essence, YOUKI is a film festival, thus understands its role as a hollistic and en-thusiastic media festival.
Different initiatives inhabit the "YOUKI media planet": workshops on film analysis and the filming practice, print media, radio and internet projects, (semi) professional young film programmes, discussion of media theories at media meeting, art projects used for urban medium interventions, and much more.
The YOUKI Festival takes place annually in late November, mainly in the culture centre ALTER SCHLACHTHOF and the MEDIEN KULTUR HAUS in Wels, Upper Austria.

leonart Leonding (German only)
The festival was founded in 1993 and takes place biennially. In 2011, for example, it dealt with the topic DISOBIDIENCE and built on proven success factors: a long-term cooperation with local initiatives, getting people actively engaged in the projects and communicating the-se in public.


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