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Literature / Knowledge / Education

The City of Linz invites its citizens to get involved with literature and education: whether in the renowned Stifter House, in the Wissensturm (Knowledge Tower), which opened in autumn 2007, or by sponsored publication opportunities, awards and fellowships.

A unique story-teller

… gave his name to the literary centre of Linz: the Stifterhaus on Adalbert Stifter Square is at once a museum, a memorial, a house of literature and a research institute. The broad spectrum of Germanlanguage literature is the focal point of numerous readings, book presentations and discussions in Adalbert Stifter’s former residence built in 1844. As an institution of literature studies, the Stifterhaus deals with basic research as well as with communication of literature and language teaching in Upper Austria. In addition, it is the contact point for research on Adalbert Stifter and a service point providing information about literature, language and culture.

Knowledge is growing in Linz – all the way up to the sky

With the Wissensturm Linz created a new urban landmark and sends a strong signal of education, life-long learning and culture. The 15-storey, 63-metre-high tower, in the newly designed train station quarter unites two public education institutions under one roof: the adult education centre and the city library. In this way, the strengths of both institutions are optimally used. The Wissensturm is a self-learning centre and also a centre for reading, literature and media.

Creating and supporting publicity for female authors

The Marianne von Willemer Prize for literature aims to support Austrian women writers. Artists up to the age of 35 whose principal place of residence is in Linz are eligible to apply for an arts scholarship of the City of Linz in the sections poetry and prose.

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Wissensturm - Knowledge Tower.
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