The Independent Art Scene of Linz

The independent art scene provides important impetus for innovation in art and culture in Linz. Artistic experimentation and freedom are the driving force in society. Linz is a city of culture for all, thus making the independent art scene a key issue in cultural policies in the Cultural Development Plan.

Diversity and Strength

In addition to the cultural venues of the City of Linz and the Federal Province of Upper Austria, there is a multitude of cultural groups and initiatives that are not integrated in public institutions. In comparison with other cities and federal provinces, the independent art scene in Linz is especially diverse and strongly represented, comprising alternative cultural initiatives as well as small teams of artists working independently.

Instigating Initiative

Creating the necessary framework conditions and requirements to promote cultural work and art production based on independent initiative, creativity and quality  is one of the essential objectives of the City of Linz. In addition to this, it aims to highlight synergies and opportunities. Artistic networks, studios, art labs and creative artists from the independent scene are invited to contribute to the development and designing process of Linz.


LINZimPULS was established an innovation pool with funds of EUR 90,000, the allocation of which is decided every year in agreement with the independent art scene.

LinzEXPOrt is a funding program of the City of Linz for artists to enable experimental and processual work in conjunction with a stay abroad.


The support programme “LinzIMpORT” is designed to enable especially artists or independent art and culture initiatives focused on Linz to do experimental work and artistic processes and projects in Linz in cooperation with international artists.
Applicants have to present concrete project plans. The cooperation with the international artistic partner has to be associated with the project in Linz.