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Cultural Landmarks

No other Austrian city has undergone such a dramatic economic, social and demographic transformation in the 20th century like Linz.

From the City of Industry to the City of Technology and Culture

The heart of the Austrian steel industry has been beating in Linz for over fifty years. For decades, the image of the Upper Austrian capital was defined almost exclusively by major industry. Linz was the city of steel, pure and simple, marked by blast furnaces and carbon emissions.   

Decisive Transformation through the Conjunction of Industry and Culture

Beginning in the 1970s, a new dynamic understanding of culture led to a broadening of the city’s cultural policies. Since then, productive networks between industry, economy, art and culture have characterized the image of Linz. Based on this, projects were developed that arouse interest far beyond the borders of Upper Austria, and an extremely diverse and high quality art and culture scene emerged.   

Future Orientation and Challenge: The Cultural Development Plan

Acknowledging this forward-looking development of the city in recent decades, fostering it and setting new impulses - all of this is brought together in the Cultural Development Plan that the City of Linz developed in 2000. The plan stipulates cultural policy guidelines and priorities for the following years, all of which focus on the strengths of the Capital of Culture 2009: a vision for Linz as a city of culture and technology of European dimension, emphasising the plan′s core theme Culture for All, technology and new media, open spaces and the independent art scene.


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