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Acoustic City

Acoustic City started as a Linz09 European Capital of Culture initiative and is intended to reach far beyond 2009. It promotes a conscious design of our audible environment in keeping with human dignity and is based on the conviction that people are touched and influenced to the core by what they hear. For this reason, Acoustic City is committed to promoting an acoustic environment appropriate for human beings.
Acoustic City establishes three focal points for an increased acoustic awareness in politics, the way of life, the world of work and everyday life, architecture and urban development, zoning and traffic planning. These are: Beschallungsfrei, the Campaign Against Imposed Noise, the Akustikon, a world of hearing in the city centre, and the Linz Charter as a guideline for urban planning in an acoustic sense.
Acoustic City took place from 29 November 2008 until No Music Day on 21 November 2009.

The Linz Charta

The Linz Charter is intended to show the way towards a – at present admittedly utopian – European model city. It defines aims and values that will be decisive in acoustic terms for the future development of Linz. In September 2008, the Linz Charter was submitted to the Planning Committee of the City Council and served as a basis for a resolution which was voted on in January 2009.


Acoustic City
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