Atelierhaus Salzamt

The international studio house Atelierhaus Salzamt, which was founded in July 2009, is a centrally located cultural venue of the City of Linz right next to the Danube and provides:

  • Five studios for international scholarship holders
  • Four studios for artists from Linz and Upper Austria
  • Apartments for international artists
  • Space for exhibitions and events with ongoing exhibitions
  • International artistic exchange and involvement of the guests in Linz-based projects
  • Art education on the basis of discussions with artists as well as of visits of other studios
It is bright, friendly, with big windows granting an insight into the old building. National and international artists live and work in this cultural institution in the heart of Linz.

Regional - International

The Salzamt is a meeting place for young visual artists from Austria and abroad. There are nine studios available.
A small apartment and a studio for four international scholarship holders is provided free of charge for a period of three up to a maximum of six months. In addition, the artists receive a monthly scholarship to cover their living expenses. The province of Upper Austria rents the fifth studio. The aim of the project is that, in return, artists from Linz get the possiblity to spend time in studios in twin cities and to receive a scholarship for a period of up to six months.
Four more workshops without residential unit, which can be used free of charge for a period of one year, are available for artists from Linz and Upper Austria.


The works of the artists are exhibited in the Salzamt`s 200-square-meter hall on the ground floor. There also lectures, discussions, presentations and other events take place.


Several times a year, the studios provide interested people an insight into the everyday work of the artists during the 'open days'. As part of art education, also pupils visit the studio.

Atelierhaus Salzamt (German only)