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Migration and Culture

Opportunity and Challenge

The integration of a growing number of people with a migration background is one of the big challenges and opportunities for urban environment. Around 25,000 foreign citizens live in Linz, which corresponds to a share of 13.2 percent. In 2006, the City of Linz defined "Integration Policy Guidelines", including objectives for cultural policy, positioning this area at the interface between social integration and cultural identity. Its task is to include immigrants in the city′s cultural life, to discover cultural diversity and to remove potential barriers. People of other backgrounds have different cultural understandings, interests and needs, which results in an increase in approaches to culture.

Culture for All

The Cultural Development Plan defines cultural policy guidelines for the City of Linz. The core theme "Culture for All" refers to a diverse cultural offer, which includes not only traditional artistic forms of expression, but also all spheres of social coexistence.
It aims at removing barriers, democratizing cultural life and at creating equal opportunities. A vibrant urban cultural life is only possible if all participate. Therefore, measures and projects with these aims are particularly supported.

City of Cultures

The advancement award "City of Cultures" honours outstanding intercultural projects in the field of integrative cultural work and has been awarded by the Department of Culture of the City of Linz in cooperation with the Integration Office since 1998. The application is open to integrative and artistic projects and activities which promote the access, the approach and interrelations of different cultures in Linz. The award aims especially at creating awareness among all citizens of Linz, especially young people, for the significance of a respectful and open-minded society. In addition to the two general categories "Sociocultural Integration of Immigrants in Linz" and "Pedagogical Institutions", every year a current key issue is a third category.

Meeting Point and Centre for Integration in the Knowledge Tower


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