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Guideline of Arts and Culture Funding of the City of Linz

CultureConsidered as a Public Task
Quality of Cultivating Traditions
Spaces and Open Structures  
Promoting the Independent Art Scene  
Funding Priorities
Venture Capital for Artists and Creatives
Long-term Funding Contracts
Event Organizer City of Linz

Culture Considered as a Public Task

The City Council resolution on the Cultural Development Plan (KEP) from March 2000 defines guidelines, priorities and framework conditions for the cultural policy of Linz for a period of ten to fifteen years. Currently, the KEP is being revised and updated based on an in-depth discussion process.

Quality of Cultivating Traditions

When it comes tocultural funding (cultural associations, cultivating traditions and customs…), the highest possible quality in cultivating, interpreting and developing traditional cultural assets have top priority.

Spaces and Open Structures

The City of Linz considers the creation of spaces and efficient open structures in the arts and culture scene a siginificant objective of its funding policy.

Promoting the Independent Art Scene

The promotion of the infrastructure of independent art scene institutions is based mainly on expanding its structure and aims to cooperate closely with cultural activities in districts. In addition, it wants to increase the networking of artists and creatives as well as the expressive media power of the independent art scene.
The structural networking within the scene is an important prerequisite for a lively culture in the city, thus requires particular financial and organizational support.

Funding Priorities

In this regard, development and funding is to be focused on:

  • Funding common production sites and interfaces with special areas of activity (new media, video shootings, public access workplaces, workshops/laboratories, and so on)
  • Funding communication and organization initiatives for general use
  • Provision of equipment for events and productions (e.g. an equipment pool) 
  • Provision of 'venture capital' for innovative arts and culture projects (making experimentation and creative development possible)
  • Funding process-based projects
  • Better network access
  • Funding public-access radio

Venture Capital for Artists and Creatives

The willingness to invest venture capital is of special importance in the promotion of individuals and projects. This applies in particular to process-oriented arts and culture projects which may become more important in the future. Both require long-term funding agreements.

Long-term Funding Contracts

To facilitate sustainable work of artists and creatives, cultural initiatives and associations, the City of Linz grants subsidies and concludes funding contracts on a long-term basis.


The funding and awarding criteria set by theCity of Linz are regularly evaluated and developed. Generally speaking, the system of expert juries and boardoftrustees is constantly expanded.

Public funding policy criteria
Federal, provincial and local governments do not represent individual economic interests.Their funding policy is based on criteria such as innovativeness, originality, concentration on particular areas, equal opportunities, advancementofwomen, helping  young talents to achieve their potential in the long run,preservation of cultural diversity,  high-quality cultivation of traditions and preservation of cultural heritage. This in turn allows artists and creatives to pursue their work independently of their own earning capacities and  rapidly changing fashions.
The City of Linz acknowledges its fundamental commitment to public funding of the arts and culture sector.

Event organizer City of Linz

By organizing its own events, the public sector makes sure to include an ambitious artistic programme. It offers a platform for young and not yet established artists and helps them with different services they require.

Conveyance Mandate
When the City of Linz organizes events, it makes sure to fulfil its conveyance mandate by  including an ambitious artistic programme and to provide a platform for local artistic talents.

Service for Artists and Creatives
The provision of services to artists and creatives is another fundamental aim of the public sector. The City of Linz is trying to develop a comprehensive service network (equipment pools, conveyance programmes, advisory centres, etc.) in cooperation with the Upper Austrian Government.

Diversity and quality for the audience
Culture fans also benefit from leisure activities developed in accordance with high-quality standards.
All of these measures form a valuable culture programme networkwith affordable admissions, as only the public sector can offer.


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