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Art Purchases

Art Purchases via the Art Advisory Board

The City of Linz purchases art works at the suggestiono two art curators, a man and a woman, who are both appointed for two years.
Both curators approach artists from Linz either independently or via Linz Culture. In addition, they are contact persons for those interested in showing their galleries or selling pieces of art to the City of Linz.

The Curators

The City Senate appointed Gabriele Hofer-Hagenauer und Günter Mayer as curators for 2013 and 2014.

The curators select from all kinds of art forms. The submission has to contain a curriculum and a portfolio of the artist. The curators do not choose exclusively from the submitted works, they also invite artists whose works they consider an asset for the art collection of Linz. They decide quarterly which works to purchase.

Art Advisory Board

Both art curators suggest purchases to the Art Advisory Board, composed of Vice-Mayor and Head of the Cultural Department Bernhard Baier, Cultural DirectorJulius Stieber and the art curators themselves. The Board is responsible for purchasing and commissioningart works -  primarily from artists who live in Linz or whose work is related to Linz.

Coordination - Information – Contact

Those interested in selling art works to the City of Linz can also contact the Nordico City Museum, Dametzstrasse 23, 4020 Linz under the keyword "Art Advisory Board". They are asked to attach an overview of their artistic career and a detailed documentation of their works (catalogue, pictures, etc.). The documents are forwarded directly to both curators who will then contact them personally.

Services / Arts and Culture Funding.


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