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Special Funding Programmes – City Supports Culture

Advancement Awards drive Culture in Linz

The City of Linz offers advancementawards and special funding programmes to stimulate cultural policy. This section offers an overview of current requests for proposals.


In cooperation with the Federal Province of Upper Austria, Linz Culture offers this funding programme. It serves the purpose of internationalisingthe arts and culture scene in Linz and aims to facilitate especially experimental and processual art. Applicants have to be willing to go abroad for a while.


The City of Linz organizes the funding programme “LinzIMpORT” upon the recommendation of the Cultural Advisory Board. It is designed to enable local artists or independent art and culture initiatives to invite people involved in the arts and culture scene from abroad to Linz to cooperate on a joint project.


– Advancement Award of the City of Linz for Innovative Cultural Activities in Districts

This award for cultural activities in districts aims to provide incentives for cultural exchange or artistic engagement with the district. Initiatives, associations and individuals who sustainably shape the cultural life in urban spaces in Linz are invited to submit innovative projects on cultural activities in districts.


On the initiative of the independent art scene, Linz Culture initiated the innovation pool 'LINZimPULS'. It has been organized annually since 2001. Independent and creative artists from Linz can apply for this funding project.

Details to the Special Fundings Programms

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