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Special Funding Criteria - Culture

Fundings make public resources available to promote artistic production and cultural mediation in areas which are still "unmarketable". In other words, their commercial potential has not been fully exploited.
Every funding application isconsidered under the following aspects:

Reference to Linz

Reference to Linz means that the artist has his principal place of residence in Linz or does his creative work andartistic production or presentations in Linz in the long run. Also artists who can document that they are permanently active in a municipal cultural institution, artists association or cultural initiative fall under this group, as long as the activity is not just exclusively voluntary or a paid part-time job. In addition, reference means that the project is capable of contributing sustainably to developing art and culture in Linz, as defined by the Cultural Development Plan.

Innovation and Art Mediation

This area refers to the following aspects of aesthetic work: advancement of means of design, conceptual radicalism, unconventional realization of projects, discourse orientation and dealing with social processes, innovation potential of supra-regional significance.
The quality of mediation is a priority area in art.

Professionalism and Efficiency

This criterion refers to the (professional and design) skills of those involved in the project, independent artistic work, elaboration of ideas, financial and project framework transparency and the question how tangible the project is.
It is underlined that the City of Linz considers the creativity of hobby artists and school initiatives indispensable to the cultural life and that it supports them through sponsorships.
The objective is a continuous, high-quality artistic and cultural work.

Equal Fundings for Men and Women

In the individual funding field, the aim is to provide equal funds to men and women.

This objective also refers to subsidizing associations, event organizers, cultural initiatives and project groups, where gender equality is to be enshrined in the statutes of the associations and applied to the composition of its members. This funding sector supports especially projects in the area of equal opportunities and gender democracy.

Necessity, Appropriateness and Subsidiarity

Funding is restricted to those projects which depend totally or partially on it to be launched or realized and which, by receiving the funding, are financially secured.
To guarantee efficiency, beneficiaries have to make a financial contribution to their projects.
The level of funding is calculated based on the overall project costs, but is always subsidiary. It is therefore impossible to finance a project largely or entirely with public funds.

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