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Funding Procedure

The following items are important to everyone interested in applying for City of Linz fundings.
Areas where we require special information are outlined.
  1. Please fill in the funding request form as completely and with as much detail as possible. This way we can process your application rapidly and prevent time consuming written queries.
  2. As soon as you have sent us the required information about the project and your application including, in case, the missing information we asked for, we will forward your request to the competent bodies and decision makers for completion as fast as possible. The mayor will send a written undertaking. Those who do not receive a funding, receive a written rejection by Linz Culture.
  3. The funding is transferred approximately within three weeks after delivery of the notification or after the applicant has provided his bank account details, or if expressly stated in the notification, as soon as we receive a voucher copy/relevant documentation.
  4. To guarantee that public money is well spent, beneficiaries have to prove they invest the funding as intended by providing evidence of the overall calculation (revenues – expenses, vouchers which cover the funding) by the end of the first quarter of the following year.
  5. It is advisable to send us as much relevant information as possible prior to making an appointment with us. That way we can then answer your queries into more detail or develop a funding proposal within a shorter period.
Services / Arts and Culture Funding.
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