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Volume 1

The "Nazi Network" in Linz 1933 - 1938

Author: Thomas Dostal

The Public Authorities of the Governor of Oberdonau

Author: Helmut Fiereder

Aspects of National Socialist Municipal Policy

Author: Walter Schuster

"Adopted Home Town" of the Führer

Author: Fritz Mayrhofer

The Linz Economy under National Socialism

Author: Kurt Tweraser

Special Mission Linz

Author: Birgit Kirchmayr

Reports from Linz and the Gau Oberdonau

Author: Evan Burr Bukey

Women in Linz 1938 - 1945

Author: Daniela Ellmauer

Communal Social Policy in Linz 1938 - 1945

Author: Brigitte Kepplinger

Nazi Health Policy in Linz and Oberdonau 1938 - 1945

Author: Josef Goldberger

Volume 2

Schools in Linz during the NS-Regime

Author: Oskar Dohle

The Church and the National Socialism

Author: Rudolf Zinnhobler

The Facilities for Murder in and around Linz

Author: Henry Friedlander

Concentration Camps in Linz

Author: Bertrand Perz

Prisoners in the Concentration Camps Linz I/III und Linz II

Author: Helmut Fiereder

"Foreign Employment" during the Nazi-Regime in Linz

Author: Hermann Rafetseder

Female Workers from the East

Author: Gabriella Hauch

The Jewish Population in Linz

Author: Michael John

Resistance and Persecution

Author: Siegwald Ganglmair

The Linz People's Court

Authors: Claudia Kuretsidis-Haider - Winfried R. Garscha

The Concentration Camp Memorial at Mauthausen

Author: Helmut Fiereder


Author: Kurt Tweraser


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