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Of DPs, refugees, homecomers and US soldiers


After the Second World War Linz, along with Salzburg, was a headquarters for American troops, a centre for the so-called DPs (Displaced Persons) who were freed from concentration camps or later fled from Eastern Europe, a centre for registration, a gathering place for ethnic Germans who had been expelled or had fled, a transport hub and an economic centre.

From the baroque city to the barracks city”  is how Mayor Ernst Koref described the city at that time. Linz was especially affected by the division of Austria into four occupation zones.

Apart from the federal capital Vienna, which was a special case, Linz was the only city in Austria to be divided between two occupation zones after 1st August 1945. The Danube formed the demarcation line between the Russian zone in the north and the American zone in the south. Initially it was impossible to cross the demarcation line without passport control. In this sense, Linz was a divided city.
In the Soviet part, in Urfahr and the Mühlviertel, neither refugees nor displaced persons were taken care of.

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