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De-nazification in regional comparison

Cover De-nazification in regional comparison

Published. by Walter Schuster and Wolfgang Weber

Between 1945 and 1955 the question arose what should be done with former Nazi party members. This problem was seen as controversial by the political parties and the four Allies in Germany and Austria. The emphasis of this volume of research is on comparing de-nazification in different provinces and occupation zones in Austria as well as in neighbouring federal states in southern Germany.


De-nazification in regional comparison:

an attempted appraisal
Walter Schuster - Wolfgang Weber

Research on de-nazification in Austria.

Achievements, shortcomings, perspectives
Dieter Stiefel

Aspects of administrative de-nazification in Vorarlberg

Wolfgang Weber

De-nazification in Tyrol

Wilfried Beimrohr

“First of all I would like to raise the question of the final liquidation of the Nazi spirit”.

De-nazification in the province of Salzburg
Oskar Dohle

Political restoration and de-nazification policy in Upper Austria

Walter Schuster

De-nazification in Styria, with the Department of Justice as a case study

Elisabeth Schöggl-Ernst

De-nazification in Carinthia

Wilhelm Wadl

On the administration of de-nazification in Lower Austria

Klaus-Dieter Mulley

De-nazification in Burgenland.

in the light of existing files in the archives of Burgenland and regional mayoral offices
Gerhard Baumgartner

De-nazification in Vienna.

Sources from the Viennese city and provincial archives
Brigitte Rigele

Nazi registration in Vienna

Bernd Vogel

American cleanup policy in Austria

Kurt Tweraser

British de-nazification in Austria 1945–1948

Siegfried Beer

De-nazification in Austria:

The role of the Soviet occupying forces
Barbara Stelzl-Marx

Ici l´Autriche – Pays ami!

France and de-nazification in occupied Austria 1945/46
Jürgen Klöckler

De-nazification in Bavaria

Paul Hoser

De-nazification in French-occupied south west Germany.

The practice of "auto-épuration" in Baden and Württemberg-Hohenzollern
Jürgen Klöckler

De-nazification files in the Austrian State Archives

Rudolf Jerábek

The role of the executive of the security forces in de-nazification.

Inventory of files and gaps in inventories
Winfried R. Garscha

People's jurisdiction and de-nazification in Austria

Claudia Kuretsidis-Haider

The activities of the People's Court in Linz.

and the project “Making the people's court files in the Upper Austrian Provincial Archives available with IT-support”
Konstantin Putz

Closing proceedings.

The Austrian judiciary and perpetrators of Nazi violent crime in the 1960s and 1970s.
Marion Wiesinger

Legal aspects of working with sources on de-nazification

Martin F. Polaschek


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