User Information

The main library and the mediathek moved into the “Wissensturm” in September 2007. The redesigned children’s library (KiWi) and the self-study center (LeWis) are additional attractive features of the library. Customers can use self-service automats with RFID-technology to lend and return media. In the area of Linz there are nine further branches. All of the media can be returned to any of the branches. All of the branches have public Internet access facilities.

At ten locations it is possible to register for courses of the adult education center (“VHS”). Further citizens’ services such as obtaining active passes of the city of Linz and parking cards for area residents, registering vital statistics and reporting lost and found objects are also available there.


To take out media you must have a library card, which is valid in all branches. To obtain one, you must present an official identification document with a photo. For the registration of children up to the age of 14, the signature of a legally responsible person (parent, guardian) is required. He (she) agrees to assume liability for any damage and to settle any claims that arise.

Media can only be borrowed for personal use. It is not allowed to give borrowed media to third persons, to show them in public presentations or to make copies of them. With his or her registration the user pledges to adhere to the copyright regulations in his (her) use of the borrowed media.

During the registration the first and family name of the user, his (her) birthday, sex and main residence are recorded, as well as his (her) email addresses and/or telephone numbers. Any changes in the registered data have to be immediately reported to the city library.

Behavior in the premises of the city library and regulations of the library

  • The user has to behave in such a manner as not to disturb the other users or to hinder them in their use of the library.
  • Whoever enters the premises of the library or makes use of its facilities agrees to adhere to the currently valid library regulations, which are displayed in every branch.
  • It is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke in the rooms of the library.
  • Sports equipment and playthings (scooters, rollerblades, skateboards and similar items) cannot be brought into the rooms of the library.
  • It is not allowed to bring pets into the library, with the exception of guide dogs for blind persons.
  • The lockers have to be cleared before the library is closed.
  • The city library is entitled to clear lockers that have not been cleared on time.
  • The library personnel are entitled to examine borrowed media at the exit to the library.
  • The leader of the adult education center and library or the employees of the library that have been assigned to do so by him(her) are entitled to enforce the library regulations. The instructions of the personnel have to be adhered to.

Loss of the library card

If your library card is lost or stolen, please report that to us personally or by telephone so that it can be blocked and will not be used by the wrong person. If you present an identification document with a photograph, you can receive a replacement card for € 2,--.
The library card remains the property of the library of Linz and cannot be transferred to any other person. The user must keep the card in a safe and proper place and is responsible to the City Library for any damage that results from a violation of this obligation.

Borrowing periods

Books, games, cassettes, music notes: 4 Weeks
CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Videos, magazines*: 2 Weeks

* With the exception of the newest edition, magazines can be borrowed.


You are responsible for the media that you borrow. It is assumed that you have received them in perfect condition. You are also responsible for any loss or damage that occurs through no fault of your own. The borrower is obligated to examine media that he (she) intends to borrow for readily apparent damage and completeness. Reclamations cannot be made at a later time.

The City Library assumes no liability for possessions of the user that are damaged in its premises, are left there, are lost or otherwise disappear.  This is especially the case for objects deposited in the hall cupboards.
Whoever participates in events of the library does so at his (her) own responsibility.

The City Library does not assume any responsibility for looking after minors.

Loss or damage

The loss or damage of borrowed media must be reported to the library at once. You are not allowed to repair the damage yourself or have it repaired. Whoever loses or damages a borrowed book or other medium is obliged to replace it to the extent provided for by the law. The user or borrower is liable for the loss of or damage to media that belong to the library (as well as their covers, cases or other kinds of packaging). Writing or underlining in books and other media and removing RFID-labels are regarded as damage in this sense. If a part of a medium that consist of a number of separate parts is lost and it is not possible to obtain a separate copy of the lost part, the entire medium must be paid for. Possibilities for compensation include: replacement of the medium, providing another one of equal value or paying the current value of the medium, which is to be determined by the librarian (minimal charge: print media € 5,00; audiovisual media € 7,30) 

The City Library is not responsible for the high-quality functionality of borrowed media. It assumes no liability for damage to apparatus, data files or data carriers of the user that are caused by the use of its media.
We cannot assume any responsibility if our audiovisual media are not compatible with the configuration of your equipment.


All of the media can be reserved at any branch and delivered to the branch where you would like to pick them up. You will be notified in written form when they are available, and they will be kept for you for ten days. The reservation expires if the media are not picked up within this period of time. (Fee for making a reservation/order: € 1,00/medium)

Fine for late return

€ 0,10/print medium (per day and medium)
€ 0,20/audiovisual medium (per day and medium)

Paying the borrowing fee does not relieve you of the responsibility to return the medium. If media are not returned in spite of reminders, the City Library can regard them as being lost and demand compensation for them. If necessary, legal action will be taken to obtain outstanding payments resulting from the borrowing of media. The legally responsible court in Linz is encharged with resolving disagreements according to the provisions of Austrian laws.


The borrowing period can be extended for a maximum of two times. This can be done at all branches, either in person, by phone, on the Internet or by e-mail:
It is best for the user to make the extension himself (herself) online over his (her) user account. If this is for personal or technical reasons not possible, extensions can be made during the opening hours, either in person or by telephone.
Exception: borrowing periods for media that have been reserved cannot be extended.
If the borrowing period is extended by email, the extension is not valid until the library mails the user a confirmation.
Extensions by email can only be processed for that same day on weekdays (Monday-Friday) until 6 p.m.. The same fees are charged for extensions of single borrowings as for the first borrowing.

Internet catalog

On the Internet you can find out which media we have available, extend borrowing periods and make reservations for media. You can gain access to the catalog over our homepage 

Internet access

There are Internet kiosks available at many of the locations. To use them you must present your library card and register at the desk. It is possible to reserve them by phone.
Their use is free and is limited to 30 min/person/day. An extension is possible if enough PCs are available. For longer periods of work we recommend the use of one of the PCs in the LeWis (learning center in the “Wissensturm”).
To the extent that they are available, laptops can be borrowed in the “Wissensturm“ for use within the premises of the library. There is no charge for this service, but the user must leave an identification document with a photo at the desk.
The Internet workplaces in the premises of the City Library are primarily intended for research and obtaining information. Internet addresses and websites that glorify violence or offer pornographic and/or racist content cannot be downloaded or stored at them or sent from them.
The time allotted for the use of the computer and the audiovisual workplaces can be limited by the library personnel if necessary.
The City Library is not responsible for the contents, availability, quality and reliability of offers of third parties that are accessed via the connections it makes available. Minors up to the age of 14 must have written permission from a legally responsible person (parent, guardian) before they can be given access to the electronic media of the library.

Main library can be used on Saturdays as „self-service – library“

The library is open on saturdays but only as self-service. There is a provision to take out books or return books by using the automated system on the ground floor. Our librarians at the infomation point will be happy to help you.
The following services are not available on Saturdays.

  • new registrations 
  • payment of fee of any type    

Extensions and reservations can be made using our Web-Opac-PCs.