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Publication Series of the Institute for Communal Studies

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History of the IKW (Institute for Communal Studies)

The Institute for Communal Studies (IKW) was founded in 1969 as the IKW Association. The academic director was the founding rector of the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Dr. Ludwig Fröhler. The purpose of the IKW was to establish a link between science and practice. The members of the association were ultimately the City of Linz, the City of Wels, and the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor.

Following Prof. Fröhler’s death, the IKW Association was disbanded in 1996, whereby a decision was made for the City of Linz to continue its agendas. The primary objective was to continue the IKW publication series "Communal Research in Austria". Dr. Friedrich Klug was commissioned with the management and academic supervision of these agendas, and the IKW library was integrated in the City Administration Library.


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