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Time travel into past and future.

Master of  planets
Johannes Kepler counts as one of the founders of modern science. A large proportion of his life was spent in Linz, were he found ideal surroundings for his research and calculations.
He also completed his three renowned Kepler Laws here, which for the fi rst time described the elliptical paths along which the planets moved around the sun. Kepler was a strong character who played into the hands of fate by openly voicing his critical views. This made him homeless more than once. His life’s path stretched from his native town Weil through Leonberg, Graz, Prag, Linz, Ulm and fi nally to Regensburg, where he died on route back to Linz. One of the most important stations of his life was Linz, where he lived from 1612–1626 and where he completed his principal work, the Rudolphine Tables. Set off on your own journey to Linz and discover more about this genius of Astrology, Astronomy and Mathematics.

Kepler Opera
One of the most important modern composers, Philip Glass recreates the mental world of the great astronomer. Kepler was searching for God’s structural design of the universe in the midst of war and religious struggles. His theory: God created everything from numbers and designed a harmonic regularity for the universe.

The Kepler House & Kepler Salon

The house where Kepler lived is in the Rathausgasse. Since the European Capital of Culture Year 2009, it is also the home of the “Kepler Salon” which aims at an entertaining presentation of scientific themes.
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On the trail of Kepler in Linz and Upper Austria.

Kepler Memorials
The visitor to Linz will often encounter the spirit and images of Kepler: in the Kepler Pavilion in the Schlosspark, with its life-sized monument, the planet fountain at the Landhaus. One of the paintings in the arcades of the old city hall on the Linzer Hauptplatz shows a portrait of Kepler, another is found in the Linz Window of the Mariendom – the largest cathedral in Austria. The moondial on the old city hall displays the current phases of the moon.

Upper Austrian Library
In the new Upper Austrian Library you can find many books about Kepler and an original manuscript. There is also an experience area, ”Old Book”, and baroque bookcases which you can visit free of charge.
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Johannes Kepler Observatory
2009 was the European year of astronomy. The Linz observatory therefore offers a number of attractive events in addition to its ongoing guided tours and programme.
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Upper Austria Technology
Schloss Museum Linz - Upper Austria Technology

An animationfilm depicts the findings of Kepler on the elliptical movement of planets and introduces his works on the Insel der Astronomie (Astronomy Island). In addition, Austria’s largest universal museum displays a map showing all observatories and planetaria in Upper Austria. From January 17, 2010.
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Ars Electronica Centre
Explore the world of Kepler in “Deep Space” with its impressive animated 3D fl ight into the depths of space (see cover picture). Included in Highlight tours and specially bookable for groups.
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Johannes Kepler University
One of the loveliest Campus universities. Spaciously laid out it offers an innovative choice of study programmes of international signifi cance (e.g. Mechatronics). The park-like grounds invite you to walk around. Open lectures stir the spirit and the refectory offers good food at a fair price.
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Kepler Holidays

Individual Kepler,Weekend in Linz

Individual Group Holidays
Individual travel plans can be organised for groups. We will gladly advise and help you to plan and book your individually-programmed theme holiday.
Information: phone: +43 732 7070 2926,

Kepler Guided City tours
Special Kepler Tours of the city are available for groups, even on ultra-modern Segways.
Information: phone: +43 650 2009 009
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LINZ KEPLER - Time travel into past and future (PDF, 3,3 MB) (new window).


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