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Information brochures

Here you can download a range of our Linz brochures in PDF format. Please note that the download can take a few minutes depending on your internet access. Of course you can also order our brochures by mail!

Download our brochures in PDF format

To view PDF files a PDF-reader is required:

In line with the project Open Commons Region Linz , the City of Linz supports the use of free, vendor independent software. The website (new window), (Free Software Foundation Europe) offers a range of free pdf-readers for your operating system. You can also use the Adobe-Reader.. - Free pdf-reader (new window)     PDF-Reader from Adobe (new window)

Order our brochures by mail


Linz City Tourist Board
4020  Linz

phone: +43 732 7070 2009
fax: +43 732 7070 54 2009

further information:

Tourist Information Linz

Hauptplatz 1 (Altes Rathaus)
phone: +43 732 7070 2009

October - April
Monday till Saturday 9 am. - 5 pm.
Sunday/Holiday 10 am. - 5 pm.

May - September
Monday till Saturday 9 am. - 7 pm.
Sunday/Holiday 10 am. - 7 pm.

Further information.
Information brochures (new window).

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