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Linz for children

Adventure world Pöstlingberg
The Linz museums – pure fascination!
The Play's the thing – children's theater
Splish-Splash and hot offers for cold days
Events for families

Adventure world Pöstlingberg

A trip with the Pöstlingbergbahn – the steepest mountain railway in the world – up to the top of the hill Pöstlingberg takes you past the Zoo (please request the stop Tiergarten for the zoo!), a small paradise for the whole family: storks promenading by the pond, the cockatoos sternly eying the visitors, a kangaroo bounding across the meadow, the baby lynx boxing mama's ear bushel, an experience for young and old!

From the station at the top of the hill it is just a short walk to the famous Linz Grottenbahn, the small railway built inside the tower of extensive fortifications. A ride on the Dragon Express through the fairy-tale world of the Grottenbahn never fails to make children's eyes light up.

The Linz museums – pure fascination!

To turn a visit to the museum into a special experience for children (age 4 – 14), the Museums of the Province of Upper Austria (the Castle Museum, the Gallery of the Province and the Biology Center) offer Dream Workshops, where children and young people have an opportunity to experience the museum with all their senses and carry out creative work of their own.

The ultimate kick is provided by the Ars Electronica Center  (new window). Cyberfreaks travel through the virtual worlds of the only publicly accessible CAVE in Europe and can try out the most modern digital technologies themselves.
Children and young people are playfully introduced to the world of robotics by knowledgeable infotrainers in interesting workshops in the LEGO® MINDSTORMS Center.

At the LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz (LENTOS Art Museum)  (new window) there are workshops for children age 6 and up, and holiday creative workshops for children age 8 to 13 are offered during the summer holidays.

The Botanical Garden offers a journey through the flowering magnificence of tropical waterlilies, exquisite orchids and one of the leading cactus collections of Europe.

The Play's the thing

The children's theater "Kuddelmuddel  (new window)", performances in the u\hof theater for children and young people, visits to the circus and play festivals are on the program for our young guests, as well as workshops for cooking, dance, pottery and music every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Kuddelmuddel!

Splish-Splash and hot offers for cold days

Water fun in the well cared for parks of the swimming lakes (german)  (new window) and in the water parks (german)  (new window) for cooling refreshment and entertainment in the summer; sledding slopes and open ice skating area (german)  (new window) chase away the winter blues. Now also possible in the indoor ice skating rink during the summer!

Date Event  Location
12. August 2016 The Danube in flames  (new window) Aschach & Feldkirchen
19.-20. August 2016 Linzer Krone Fest  (new window) City center
10. September 2016 Cloud of Sound  (new window) Donaupark
1.-9. October 2016 Urfahraner Herbstmarkt  (new window) Urfahrmarktgelände
13.-23. October 2016 Kinderkulturwoche Linz 2016  (new window) different locations

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Tourist Information Linz

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phone: +43 732 7070 2009

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