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1. Federal, provincial and local governments represent no individual economic interests. Their policy of support for the arts and culture concerns itself only with criteria such as innovativeness, originality, concentration on particular areas, equal opportunities, support for women's groups, opportunities for long-term development of young talent, preservation of cultural diversity, high-quality cultivation of traditional sites and activities. This in its turn allows creative artists in cultural fields to pursue their work free from the pressures of their own financial situation and of rapidly changing fashions.

The city of Linz acknowledges a fundamental commitment to public funding in the artistic and cultural sectors.

Criteria for a public funding polity
2. By promoting their own functions public funding bodies can ensure that artistically ambitious or demanding programmes are given a chance. They can offer a platform to young and not yet established artists and help them with organisation and infrastructure.

City as promotor
When the city of Linz promotes its own functions it will ensure that it fulfills its communication mandate with programmes of a demanding artistic standard, and in addition providing opportunities for local artistic talent.

Communication mandate
The provision of service facilities to creative artists is another fundamental aim of public funding. The city of Linz undertakes to co-operate with the Upper Austrian Government to develop a comprehensive network of these service facilities (equipment pools, communication programmes, advisory centres etc..)

Service facilities for artists
3. The public for culture also profits from leisure activities where quality is the main criterion, and from a variety of cultural events where diversity is guaranteed. These represent valuable alternative pursuits in an increasingly arid social and cultural environment, particularly in the suburban areas.

4. The overall result is a network of activities and institutions free from the financial pressures of the market - this is what public funding can and must achieve.
Variety and quality for the public

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