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Mainfocus of Linz cultural policy
Basic principles of cultural policy and cultural promotion
Culture and the arts as innovation potential
Ars Electronica Festival/Art and science
Institute for Media Art and Media Work
The Arts and New Media
Open Spaces
Culture for all/Culture by all
The independent scene

The city of Linz sees itself as a city of culture for everyone with a cultural-political emphasis on technology, new media, open spaces, and the alternative scene.

Mainfocus of Linz cultural policy
The basic principles of cultural policy and cultural promotion for the city of Linz are:
  • promoting the autonomy and responsibility of those who create art and culture
  • promoting autonomous cultural development opportunities for ethnic and social minorities
  • special support for women
  • special support for contemporary art
  • promoting innovation, originality and artistic experimentation
  • high quality in the maintenance of traditions and the safeguarding of the cultural inheritance
  • promoting the scientific treatment of media art and work with the media
  • developing networking and co-operation models for linking the available artistic, cultural and scientific resources and potential in Linz and Upper Austria, and to use these for effective division of labour in the art and culture scene.
  • further developing the mutually stimulating connection between the strong regional economy and the innovative art and culture scene
  • high quality development of existing facilities
  • development of communication and target group concepts
  • creating and further developing the basic conditions for culture in urban areas, pub culture and markets
  • creating, converting and/or utilizing old and new spaces and places for art and culture
  • providing well thought-out and lasting support for the central cultural focus on technology, new media, open space, culture for everyone and the alternative scene.
Basic principles of cultural policy and cultural promotion
This choice of focus has consequences for and innovative effects on the region of Upper Austria and Austria as a whole.

The Federal and Provincial Governments are therefore invited to support appropriate projects and measures in suitable ways.

Culture and the arts as innovation potential
The focus on technology and new media can only be successfully maintained if we can together provide a package of innovative and financially secure measures effective in thelong-term. With the support of the Federal Government and the Province of Upper Austria, the Ars Electronica Festival should be put onto a broad financial and institutional basis to consolidate its international status, to ensure its strong presence in the Open Space sector, and to promote ever closer ties with the city and the region. A closer relationship between art and science is also needed.

Ars Electronica Festival

Art and science
A longer term goal is the establishment of an Institute for Media Art and Media Work (artistic training, theory, post-graduate study) within the framework of the University of Linz. A Federal Government project such as this - analogous to the branch of study Mechatronics - could be supported by the City of Linz and the Province of Upper Austria.

Institute for Media Art and Media Work
Another aim will be intensified co-operation between all cultural facilities to broaden the platform for the Arts and New Media, in particular between the AEC, New Gallery, Bruckner House, OK-Centre, ORF, educational establishments and the universities, as well as relevant business institutions.
The stronger integration of Ars Electronica into the "Open Spaces" concept, and the further development of the "Cloud of Sound" is another part of this expansion of the Art and New Media platform.

With regard to open spaces, the core areas are: the Cloud of Sound and other open air projects, the new concept of cultural space on the Danube, the further opening up of spaces for culture and the arts as well as the encouragement of intercultural encounters.

The Arts and New Media
The City of Linz will also continue its work to ensure that the divisions between "high" and "popular" culture, and between individual artistic disciplines, remain open, fluid and permeable.

Open Spaces
The further development of the concepts "Culture for all" and "Culture in open spaces" will remain in the future an important focus of activity for the City of Linz. We see the development of a new type of "Culture for all" concept in a direction leading towards "Culture by all" as an significant contribution to the establishment of a democratic cultural policy. It is important above all to promote the active participation of as wide a spectrum of the population as possible in the cultural life of the city. Projects involving measures of this sort receive particular support (further development of the Cloud of Sound concept, artistic enhancement of city spaces etc.) and this element is taken into consideration in the city's own cultural projects (see also the chapter "Promoting culture and the arts").

Culture for all

Culture by all
In order to motivate the large pool of artistic talent from the independent scene to remain in Linz, the funding of this sector must be increasingly effective, long-term and consistent.

The independent scene
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