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Pictures of National Socialism in Linz

cover Pictures of National Socialism

Editors: Fritz Mayrhofer and Walter Schuster
200 pages, 171 illustrations (43 in colour)
The volume is only available in German language.

The Archives of the City of Linz present this publication with 171 illustrations - of which 43 are in colour - on the subject of “National Socialism in Linz”, and which is documented by seven expert historians.
In it, you will find propaganda produced by the National Socialists, the day-by-day realities of the National Socialist world, the local party bosses, as well as the social politics in the town where the Führer spent his early life and also special topics focusing on the concentration camps, the Jews, euthanasia and deployment of foreign workers.

Much space will be found in the book devoted to the intentions, both implemented and not implemented, of Adolf Hitler for the place where he lived when he was young, giving it a  very special role in the “Großdeutsches Reich”. The book not only attempts to document the years 1938 to 1945, the actual period of National Socialism, but also the years immediately before the “Anschluss" (the Annexation of Austria by Germany), as well as the period of denazification after 1945.

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