Welcome to Linz

Linz is the capital of the province of Upper Austria. Linz is open, modern, dynamic and therefore an attractive place to live in.

The most significant factors are the following: Linz is one of the most successful economic areas in Austria. There are more than 210.000 jobs here, which means that more people work here than live here. Currently Linz has a population of about 200,000.

As far as free time is concerned, the city also has a great deal to offer. In addition to the extensive possibilities to do sports, culture also plays an important role in this city. Linz has often offered impressive proof of this, and did so once again in 2009, when it was the cultural capital of Europe.

Its strength in the area of social matters (which is equal to that in the realm of economics) deserves to be mentioned. It has earned the reputation of a model social city because of its unique offerings of counseling and services for all age groups and social classes.

Another of its strengths is that its inhabitants are open to people from other countries and respectful towards them.