Sports & Leisure in Linz

In Linz people of all ages find attractive opportunities for sports and free time. The facilities range from modern sports parks to outdoor and indoor swimming pools, saunas and well-tended swimming lakes. Besides, over 500 facilities for sports and free-time activities are available. 

LIVA – an important partner for sports
Ziegeleistraße 76–78
Tel.: +43 732 657311 4002

One of the most important partners as far as sports are concerned is Linzer Veranstaltungs GmbH (Linz Events Ltd. [LIVA]). It is in charge of the sports parks Auwiesen, Lissfeld and Pichling, the indoor tennis courts in Bockgasse as well as the stadium and the TipsArena. These are the most important and most popular sports facilities of the city of Linz. Special emphasis is placed upon football, tennis, table tennis and beach volleyball. Trend sport areas have been set up in the Lissfeld area and in Pichling for skaters and skateborders.

Sportpark Auwiesen
Auwiesenstraße 202
Tel.: +43 732 303789

A special attraction of this multifunctional facility is the largest indoor climbing hall in Austria that is suitable for World Cup competitions. An overview of what the sports park has to offer: Tennis (in- door and outdoor), football (natural and artificial grass), climbing hall, beach volleyball (outdoor), basketball/volleyball (outdoor), restaurant. 

Sportpark Lissfeld
Hausleitnerweg 105
Tel.: +43 732 344251

The Sports Park Lissfeld, which has an area of 56,000 square meters, is the largest one in Linz. The facilities in the table-tennis and trend sport hall, the indoor beach volleyball court, as well as in other sections of the park are ideal. An overview of what the park has to offer: Tennis (indoor and outdoor), squash, soccer (outdoor playing field and indoor hall), fist ball, baseball, miniature golf, curling lanes, table tennis, gymnastics, badminton, beach volleyball (in- & outdoor), trend sports, handball, volleyball, basketball, beach soccer, light athletics, restaurant.

Sportpark Pichling
Weikerlseestraße 71–73
Tel.: +43 732 320670

The modern arena is in the direct proximity of solarCity in Pichling and borders on the Lake Weikerlsee Recreation Area. Its primary function is to serve as an optimal place for trend sports. Overview of facilities: Tennis (indoor and outdoor), soccer (natural and artificial grass), indoor-soccer, gymnastics, badminton, handball, volleyball, basketball, beach volleyball, trend sports,restaurant. 

Offerings and opening hours of the sports parks:

Sport Associations

In Linz there are more than 300 sports associations, in which members can practice their sports together with others who have similar interests. 

Umbrella sports associations

ASKÖ Oberösterreich
Hölderlinstraße 26, 4040 Linz
Tel.: +43 732 730344

SPORTUNION Oberösterreich
Wieningerstraße 11, 4020 Linz
Tel.: +43 732 777854

ASVÖ Oberösterreich
Leharstraße 28, 4020 Linz
Tel.: +43 732 601460

Diverse sports facilities

The possibilities to do sports in Linz are extensive. More than 150 different kinds of sports are offered. The sports facilities are correspondingly diverse. 

Possibilities for children and adolescents

On the public playgrounds for children and adolescents there are many facilities for basketball, skateboard and beach volleyball as well as fun courts.

For further information contact the children’s and adolescent’s services of Linz: 
Kinder- und Jugendbüro
(Office for Children and Adolescents)

Rudolfstraße 18
Tel.: +43 732 7070 2831 or 2862

Swimming pools, swimming lakes, ice sports

You can find recreation and do sports to keep fit at the indoor and outdoor swimming pools of Linz, swimming lakes and ice sports facilities:

Fitnessoase Parkbad
(Fitness Oasis Parkbad)

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, sauna, outdoor skating rink, ice sport hall
Untere Donaulände 11, 4020 Linz
Tel.: +43 732 3400 6630, 6631

Wellnessoase Hummelhof
(Wellness Oasis Hummelhof) 

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, sauna, extensive wellness area
Ramsauerstraße 12, 4020 Linz
Tel.: +43 732 3400 6660

Familienoase Biesenfeld
(Family Oasis Biesenfeld)

Indoor swimming pool, sauna, lawn for sunbathing
Dornacher Straße 37, 4040 Linz
Tel.: +43 732 3400 6670

Erlebnisoase Schörgenhub
(Adventure Oasis Schörgenhub)

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, sauna, outdoor artificial ice skating rink
Schörgenhubstraße 16, 4030 Linz
Tel.: +43 732 3400 6680

Saunaoase Ebelsberg
(Sauna Oasis Ebelsberg)

Sauna, artificial outdoor ice skating rink
Hartheimer Straße 1–3, 4030 Linz
Tel.: +43 732 3400 6690
There are also seven outdoor swimming pools especially designed for children: Kudlichstraße, Wimhölzelstraße, Afritschweg, Negrelliweg, Pestalozzistraße, Siemensstraße, Weigunystraße. Young people up to the age of twelve are admitted free of charge.

Further information can be found at:

Swimming lakes

Pleschinger See
close to the border of the City of Linz in Plesching/Steyregg

Pichlinger See
in the Pichling district in the south of Linz

Kleiner Weikerlsee
also in the Pichling district adjacent to solarCity

Tips for Free-time activities, Recreation in your immediate surroundings

The people of Linz like to relax and spend time in the parks in the inner city, for example in the Stadtpark, Volksgarten, Hessenplatz and Schillerpark. Extensive green areas such as the Donaupark (Danube Park), Schlossberg and Freinberg are popular places for taking walks and jogging. You can find even more space to recharge your “batteries” and enjoy nature in some recreational areas close to the city, for example in the extensive parks and natural areas in Urfahr, in the Wasserwald, the Schiltenbergwald and the marshes of the River Traun (Traunauen). 

Running and hiking

Running enthusiasts can choose among 14 jogging paths which are up to 21.1 kilometers in length. There are also nine hikes through the most beautiful parts of Linz which are marked by signposts. 

Sport events

Linz offers a number of superlative sports events. For example the Generali Ladies Tennis Tournament in the TipsArena, soccer- and light athletics events in the Stadium of Linz and ice hockey matches in the Ice Sports Hall of Linz. Thrilling entertainment for spectators is also guaranteed at the Oberbank Linz Danube Marathon and running events

Adventure World Pöstlingberg

For more than 100 years the Adventure World Pöstlingberg has been amazing big and little visitors from around the world. The Pöstlingberg Train, the steepest adhesion railway in Europe, brings you directly from the Main Square (Linzer Hauptplatz) to this landmark of the city – the Pöstlingberg. There you can experience an impressive panorama of the capital of Upper Austria as well as the “Grottenbahn”, a railway in an artificial cave which is inhabited by dwarfs and fairytale figures. Tip: With a gratis audio guide you can convert your smartphone into a travel guide. You only have to download the Hearonymus App in your app store to start off on an exciting journey in 29 chapters – from the Main Square of Linz to the Pöstlingberg cave-railway.
Tel.: +43 732 3400 7000

Botanischer Garten (Botanical Garden)

Roseggerstraße 20, 4020 Linz
Tel.: +43 732 7070 1870
A visit to the botanical garden on the Gugl Hill affords you a special kind of nature experience. There you can find about 10,000 different species of plants including rare orchids and a unique cactus collection on an area of more than four hectares. Exhibitions, concerts and readings are also held there.

Urfahraner Markt (Fair)

Twice a year – in the spring and the fall – the Urfahraner Fair is held. It is the largest popular festival in Austria and takes place on the left shore of the Danube River. More than a million visitors come to it each year. In addition to all kinds of wares and an attractive entertainment park, you find good things to eat and drink there. Each time it is held there are also two large firework displays.

Flea market

Every Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. a flea market is held on the main square, where you can discover many odd items. When large-scale events are held on the main square and in the winter months it moves to the New City Hall across the Danube in Urfahr. Because of the diverse selection of objects that are offered there it is well-known and loved. More than 5,000 sellers take advantage of it every year. Whoever wants to reserve a stand there can register by telephone: +43 732 7070 or on the Internet at Places are always allocated four weeks in advance.

Further tips and information for your free time:

Tourist Information Linz
Hauptplatz 1, 4020 Linz
Tel.: +43 732 7070 2009