Building Site Art

Contemporary art on and in public buildings - since 1993, artists in Linz have been actively involved in large-scale urban planning measures, starting from the planning phase.

Not just embellishment or mere decoration

In order to promote an exciting dialogue between art and architecture, the Department of Structural Engineering allocates two percent of the annual building costs to the City of Linz as a budget for Building Site Art. The objective of this art form is a cooperation of equal partners between architecture and art for public buildings. Essential precondition for the success of this demanding plan: the meticulous reading and understanding of existing architecture. It is only in this way that artistic works can be sensitively and subtly integrated in harmony with the building.

Visible Sign in Public Space

Since the City Council adopted the resolution in 1993, Building Site Art has left visible signs in public space. For example, in the Old City Hall on main square as a fundamental and independent component of revitalization, in the senior citizen's center Dauphinestrasse (wall design by Konrad Winter) or at the kindergarten Scharmühlwinkel. Building Site Art also takes up the challenge of this stimulating interchange with new buildings such as the senior citizens’ center “Franz Hillinger” (including the artistic design of a guidance system and mobile separating walls) and the Knowledge Tower at the Central Train Station, and interacts with the surrounding, the architecture and its users.