International awards

As part of a competition organised by the United Nations in 1998 on the improvement of the human habitat, the solarCity project was chosen for the "Best practice" award.

In 1999, the project was nominated for the Environmental Award 2001 by the Earth Society Foundation, an NGO based in New York.

In 1999, the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology organised a two stage competition entitled "House of the Future", focusing on "sustainable development". The EBS District planned by architect Treberspurg with 100 homes was selected as one of the 5 best concepts amongst 92 entries in the "Innovatory Building Concepts" category, and is being given public support.

In the course of the 2nd international conference "business and municipality - new partnerships for the 21st century (4. - 7. april, 2001) at the international bremen partnership award the solarCity project has been chosen as one of the five best projects worldwide.

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