Overall socio-structural plan

In 1996, the Wohnbund Salzburg was commissioned to prepare an overall socio-structural plan for the solarCity in order to permit the development of a viable population and social structure. The final report recommends inter alia the following measures:

  • Balanced mix of legal forms (rent, purchase, hire-purchase)
  • Consideration of new family structures when planning the homes
  • Mixed age structure of the future residents
  • Inclusion of a corresponding proportion of foreigners
  • Mixed use (combination of different residential forms, social and commercial uses)
  • Planning of neighbourhoods in manageable sizes
  • Bringing together related generations in geographical proximity
  • Reservation of spaces for future developments
  • Involvement of the future users

In order to ensure the implementation of these recommendations, specific negotiations were held between the City of Linz and each of the 12 development companies, and the requirements were specified in quality agreements.

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When the first residents took possession of their dwellings in 2003, an urban district office was also installed. The urban district office takes an integrated approach to urban district management that includes architectural aspects, planning and social issues and is implemented by an interdisciplinary team.

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