Urban development

Public buildings

For the solarCity is an excellently planned urban development, with a highly attractive center and facilities such as schools, day nursery and day care which are so intelligently positioned as to create further public centers. What has been planned here is a kind of network of different functions, including a loosely designed landscape that provides added value not only for the new residents but also for the existing population of Pichling.

City centre

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School centre

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Casteroval Cave Centre

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Residential buildings

The solarCity enjoys an international reputation as an exemplary urban development project, and the non-profit housing developers of Upper Austria have proven that social housing can satisfy highest-quality criteria as well as customers’ requirements. Within only a few years it has been possible to bring a new urban district to life, and today the twelve non-profit housing developers involved in the project provide modern housing for some 3.000 residents in the solarCity.


  • BRW, Baureform Wohnstätte, Gemeinnützige Wohnungs- und Siedlungsgenossenschaft
  • EBS, Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH Linz
  • Eigenheim Linz, Eigennützige Wohnbaugenossenschaft
  • Familie, Gemeinnützige Wohnungs- und Siedlungsgenossenschaft
  • GIWOG - Gemeinnützige Industrie- Wohnungs-AG
  • GWB, Gesellschaft für den Wohnungsbau
  • GWG, Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft der Stadt Linz
  • Lebensräume, Wohnungsgenossenschaft
  • Neue Heimat
  • VLW, Vereinigte Linzer Wohnungsgenossenschaften, Gemeinnützige GesmbH
  • WAG, Wohnungsanlagen Gesellschaft mbH
  • WSG, Gemeinnützige OÖ Wohn- und Siedlergemeinschaft, reg. GenmbH


  • Atelier Dreiseitl (D)
  • Auer + Weber + Architekten (D)
  • Diessl Manfred (A
  • Foster & Partners (GB)
  • Herzog und Partner (D)
  • Kaufmann und Partner (A)
  • Karrer Herbert (A)
  • Kneidinger Franz (A)
  • Lassy Helga (A)
  • Loudon Michael (A)
  • Pointner u. Pointner (A)
  • Rainer Roland (A)
  • Richard Rogers Partnership (GB)
  • Schimek Helmut (A)
  • Schweiger Helmut (A)
  • Stögmüller Heinz (A)
  • Stummer Reinhard (A)
  • Treberspurg und Partner (A)
  • Weismann Erich (A)
  • ZT-Hochbau-Atelier (A)

Supervising Engineer (Zivilingenieure)

  • Kloss Maximilian (A)
  • Schimetta Hans (A)

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