Linz Markets

The Linz Markets currently comprise ten food and farmers' markets, a weekly flea market, the fair Urfahraner Market and two Christmas markets. In addition, there are numerous All Souls' Day and Christmas tree markets and New Year's Eve booths.

As local suppliers and visitor magnets, the markets are a component of urban life and an essential part of both the city center and the city districts.

When the Linz Market Spring is carried out every year, it sets valuable accents for the Linz markets. Methods of modern and targeted marketing are used to address new groups of buyers.

Despite competition from chain stores and department stores, in recent years the people of Linz have increasingly been taking advantage of local suppliers again, because in addition to provisions, they also serve more and more often as meeting points for communication and entertainment.

Food and Farmers' Markets

Markets mean shopping pleasure with seasonal emphasis all year round, all with reliable quality and freshness.

The great advantage of the Linz markets is found primarily in the originality of the goods offered, the direct supply from farmers and produce growers, the opportunity to check the impeccable quality on site, and direct communication with the suppliers. In this way, the Linz markets substantially contribute to the quality of life and healthy nourishment of their customers.

The two following markets are the most well known and the most popular in the city.

Main Square City Market

The City Market is held in the Main Square of Linz every Tuesday and Friday from 8 am to 2 pm. The city markets enhance the quality of life for people in the urban center of Linz. The roughly 25 to 30 stands filled by farmers offer all the advantages of optimum local supply: freshness, originality and diversity.

South Train Station Market

This traditional Linz market is especially popular. The vibrant South Train Station Market is marked by the diversity and freshness of the offered goods. Most of all, the market is a meeting place and a motor of communication. The ORF program "Arcimboldo – Live From the Market" that is broadcast every Saturday has contributed much to making this market well known far beyond the City of Linz as well. The broadcasting pavilion in the shape of an apple provides this market with an original landmark. The market is open from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 1 pm and Saturdays from 6 am to 1 pm.

Flea Market

The flea market of curiosities is held all year round every Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm.

  • 1 March to 9 November: in the main square of Linz
  • 10 November to the end of February: in the square in front of the New City Hall

Over 5000 traders each year take advantage of this opportunity. Every Saturday the Linz Flea Market buzzes with crowds of people looking and buying. With the exception of relics from the NS era and toy weapons, any kind of used goods may be bought and sold.

Urfahraner Market

The Urfahraner Market, a fair that takes place twice a year, in spring and in fall, looks back on a over 200-year-old tradition. Over a million visitors each year enjoy the largest town fair in Austria on the left bank of the Danube. In addition to goods of all kinds, from sewing needles to furniture, building materials, vehicles, and entertainment in the attractive amusement fair, there are special treats for the taste buds as well. There are two fireworks shows each time the market is open.

Christmas Market in the Main Square

The Christmas Market in the Main Square takes place every year from the next-to-last Saturday in November up to the 24th of December every day from 10 am to 9 pm. Since 2003 it shows itself now from a completely new side. Although the offers of the market still range from magnificent crafts to fine bakery goods, its appearance has changed significantly. 49 newly designed sales booths were developed and built together and arranged between Klosterstraße and the Trinity Column in such a way that the entire atmosphere of the Main Square is included. A new lighting concept was also developed around the huts, whose colors interplay with the modern Christmas light decorations of Linz. The centerpiece in the Main Square every year is the Christmas tree, which is donated annually by a different Upper Austrian community. With a height of over 20 meters, it is a sign that is widely visible. Visitors can also enjoy a slow ride through the festive city center of Linz to the Christmas Market in Volksgarten with the heated Linzer City Express.

Christmas Market in Volksgarten

The Linz Christmas Market in the park Volksgarten takes place every year from the next-to-last Saturday in November until the 24th of December, open every day from 9 am to 8 pm. The Christmas Market in Volksgarten is dedicated to children and arranged under the motto "fairy-tale Christmas". Five large moving fairy-tale groups especially delight the small visitors. The new entrances and trees in the Volksgarten, decorated with networks of lights and Christmas symbols, also seem like a fairy tale. In addition to the roughly 70 merchants in the open area, about 30 companies also offer their products in the hall of the Messe Linz GmbH.