Shopping in Linz

In the past years, Linz has continued to rate highly among comparable European centers of economic commerce and business. Together with a research and practice oriented university, the City Administration wishes to support and cooperate with business ventures of all sizes and sectors to build a thriving framework and structure to support the needs of today’s businesses.

Linz is currently Austria’s second largest economic area with over 6,200 businesses. With 205,000 jobs to offer, Linz is a unique city that actually sports more jobs than city inhabitants. Roughly 75 per cent of these jobs are in the service sector.

To accommodate increasing business expansion, the city of Linz has designed the commercial and business center Südpark Linz (“South Park Linz”) in the Pichling district of the city. This area generates excellent conditions for new jobs in livable surroundings. In addition to Südpark Linz, the Commercial Business Center Franzosenhauspark also still has some properties available.