Leading Businesses in Linz

Linz “Steels” the Future

Steel, industrial plants and machine construction are the economic backbone of the economic region of Linz. Outstanding and foremost examples include VA Technology, Rosenbauer International, Plasser & Theurer, Inc., the Voest Alpine Corporation and the Austrian Shipyard Corporation.

Linz Develops Chemistry

Work in chemistry and chemistry research is a long standing tradition in Linz, producing high grade quality ranging from abstract formulas all the way to the finished product.  The most important fields include the pharmaceutical industry, food science, agricultural chemistry, as exemplified by the following:

Linz Moves Technology

In addition to information technology, the key industrial technologies located in Linz are control engineering and technology, automation and electronics. In this environment numerous high tech businesses have become specialized. Some examples are:

Linz Thinks Innovation

The Design Center in Linz is a large convention and exhibition center with the highest standard of technology at its disposal. Linz also boasts the “techCenter Linz” at the Winter Shipyards, and Austria’s largest technology center and the Austrian Railway’s Logistics Center, which features the most high tech and modern service center for logistics in Europe.