Linz 2009 European Capital of Culture and Follow-Up Projects

„Linz is synonymous with progress. Linz is synonymous with vitality. Linz is synonymous with vision.”This is how the new Linz considers itself today – a confident Linz after the Capital of Culture year 2009. The Linz that presents itself under the slogan Linz.changes. After the "once-in-a-centuryevent" Capital of Culture year, several developments will bring about significant changes in the city: increased international awareness, greater willingness to cooperate, closer collaboration between culture and tourisms, more performances in public spaces, more courage to look for new formats (Kepler Salon, Next Comic, Bellevue, etc.) as well as cultural activities in districts which haveasoundgraspofcontemporarydevelopments.

The Linz09 website offers information about all the widespread European Capital of Culture year projects, events and activities,giving an impression of its widespread programme.

Savings of 1.5 million eurossecure the sustainability of Linz09. By unanimous resolution by the city, state and the federal government various Linz09 follow-up projects are funded, which are presented on the next page 'Linz09 ProjectsFunded by Residual Resources'.