Open Stage am Alten Markt: Die kostenlose Kleinkunstbühne in Linz

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Als Alternative zum gebührenpflichtigen Straßenkunstbescheid können Künstler*innen aller Genres die Open Stage am Alten Markt kostenlos für ihre Performances, Konzerte, Shows, Präsentationen, Lesungen, Poetry Slams, Tanz-, Schauspiel- und Jam-Sessions u.v.m. nutzen.

Einfach Formular ausfüllen, Tag und Uhrzeit auswählen und nach Erhalt der Bestätigungsmail ist der Termin fix! Achtung: Terminreservierungen sind nur bis 12:00 Uhr des Vortages möglich. Straßenmusiker*innen dürfen auch auf der Open Stage nur unverstärkt spielen.



Open Stage at the Alter Markt: the free cabaret stage in Linz

As an alternative to the fee-based street art permit, artists of all genres can use the Open Stage at the Alter Markt free of charge for their performances, concerts, shows, presentations, readings, poetry slams, dance, acting and jam sessions and much more.
Simply fill out the form, select the day and time and after receiving the confirmation e-mail, the date is fixed! Please note: Appointment reservations are only possible until 12:00 noon the day before. Street musicians are only allowed to play unamplified on the Open Stage.


Terms of use

  • The Open Stage can only be used for the agreed day and time after full registration and receipt of the confirmation email (to be brought along to the performance).
  • The Open Stage may only be played without amplification. Wind instruments must use a mute insert. Percussion instruments with a high volume (e.g. drums) are not permitted.
  • The City of Linz does not provide any additional infrastructure or equipment (e.g. electricity connection).
  • Performances must be in a clear, artistic context. The dissemination/representation of political/religious positions is not permitted.
  • Income may not be generated through admission, but only on the basis of voluntary donations/hat money.
  • A maximum of 2 hours can be booked per day, artists can book a stage time a maximum of 3 times a month.
  • The City of Linz reserves the right to refuse or cancel artists/concerts/performances if necessary and without stating reasons (e.g. complaints from local residents, violations of the terms of use, violation of existing legal provisions, fear of disturbing public order and safety, force majeure, etc.). In this case, the City of Linz will expressly not pay any compensation.
  • Soiling, smearing or other damage in connection with the performance is not permitted. The stage must be left in a clean condition.
  • The use of fire, weapons and pyrotechnic objects is not permitted.
  • The City of Linz accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with the activities of the Open Stage and shall be indemnified and held harmless at all times in the event of damage or detriment to artists or third parties.
  • The Open Stage is a free service provided by the City of Linz in cooperation with the Wir Altstadt Linz association for the promotion of art and culture in public spaces. Enquiries or special time bookings at