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Linz is amazingly diverse. People from more than 140 different countries live there. Integration in the sense of open coexistence takes place in cities and municipalities – in city districts, neighborhoods, kindergartens, schools and workplaces contact between immigrants and long-time residents occurs on a daily basis. The city of Linz must strive to meet the needs of all its inhabitants as well as it can within the framework of its modern urban development.

Package of integration measures

By establishing an integration department and launching a package of integration measures the provincial capital took another step towards improving coexistence in 2010."Learning the German language is a key factor for successful integration. For that reason we focus on promoting language acquisition in our child care facilities", declared Vice Mayor Klaus Luger, who is in charge of integration matters.

Social Program of Linz in 2011: Vital Diversity

The section of that program entitled "Vital Diversity in the Social Program of Linz", which was passed by a majority in the municipal council on 24 November 2011, is devoted to the topic integration. It provides for the continuation and strengthening of the previously legislated package of integration measures. The spectrum of the projects it includes ranges from strengthening the measures to promote language learning to creating possibilities for cross-cultural encounters.

The Integration Office

The Office of Integration opened in 1991. It provides support and networking and focusses on the following aims:

  • To function as the central information office for questions and matters concerning immigration and integration
  • To adapt the offerings and services of the city of Linz to the needs of clients with immigration backgrounds (intercultural opening)
  • To make the people who live in the city sensitive to the significance and the potential of cultural diversity

The Advisory Council on Immigration and Integration Linz

The Advisory Council on Immigration and Integration is a political body that represents the interests of all of the citizens who live in Linz and have immigration backgrounds. It supports the interests of immigrants at the level of the municipality and strives to eliminate prejudice and discrimination.

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