The Office of Integration – aims and basic principles

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We strive to realize the following goals:
  • To come to terms with societal diversity and differences in a positive manner
  • Equality of opportunities for immigrants in respect to their participation in communal life and the social and cultural infrastructure
  • Elimination of barriers which inhibit the access of immigrants to the offerings of the municipal authorities of Linz
  • Measures aimed at promoting equal treatment for immigrants and eliminating discrimination against them, in the hope of improving their long-term existential situation (e.g. housing, free time activities…)
  • Inclusion of immigrants in the political life of the city
  • Promoting offerings that make it possible for immigrants to learn the German language
  • Networking: interactions with authorities, institutions, facilities, NGOs and associations which are active in the field of immigration

Our view of integration:

  • For us, integration is a sustainable developmental process that not only involves a unilateral adaptation of the immigrants to their new country; it also aims to achieve equality of opportunity for all inhabitants of the city with the help of appropriate framework conditions and specific measures on the part of the host society.
  • Integration is an aim of local politics that involves a number of areas (schools/education, housing, work, health, youth, culture,…), all of which are included in the development and planning of the city.
  • We regard cultural diversity as a challenge for and a potential of the city of Linz.

Our offerings are intended for:

  • Immigrants as well as persons with roots in Austria
  • Immigrant associations
  • Political decision makers
  • Persons responsible for the communal infrastructure
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