"Urban Interventions" - Communication as an Engine of Cultural Development

An essential part of a modern art education has necessarily to do with communicative processes. Particularly young contemporary art requires appropriate mediation tools to enable low-threshold approaches to art. For this purpose "Urban Interventions" was staged in public with a series of exemplary exhibitions, artist talks and mutual artist residencies. The exchange programs caused positive public attention of a remarkable degree in Linz, whether in the form of immediate contacts at project presentations, of guided school mediations and workshops or public panel discussions. The majority of our resident artists was actively involved in joint projects with other artist initiatives or institutions and realized or participated at performances in public spaces. The experience of "Urban Interventions" could be applied to other collaborating artists of the Salzamt residency. Art mediation programs, international exchange and promotion of international projects have since been part of the profile of the house.


City-Dashboard Linz

Das neu entwickelte City-Dashboard bietet Daten zu den Themen Stadtleben und Wirtschaft, Klima und Umwelt sowie Mobilität in der Stadt Linz.

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